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Double Crash Barriers

By Hugh MacArthur

The Public Works and Housing Board is going to spend 1.9m euros on crash barriers within the province of Granada; double crash barriers for protecting bikers. »

Cement Consumption Plummets

By Louise Powell

During the roaring years of the housing boom Spain was accounting for 80% of all of the cement consumed in the whole of Europe, but that 'glory' has long passed. »

The Good, The Bad and The Disputable

By Editor

The work on the street leading up from the town-hall square to the church has finally concluded, and looks pretty good, as well as much more practical, but a controversy is brewing... »

Money from Madrid

By Editor

The Town Hall, on the other hand, has just decided what projects it will be carrying out with the 3-million euros that it has received from the Central Government under the Plan-E scheme: »

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