Terrible Timing?

Salobreña scored own goals when they shut a main road artery to prune palm trees and then started digging up the paseo, yet Calahonda's guilty of bad timing, too.

ECO Carchuna-Calahonda Beach WorkThey had received a grant from the Junta for 500,000 euros but instead of waiting until September, at the earliest, they decided to get cracking right away with the town bulging with tourists.

But let’s set criticism aside and have a closer look at what they are doing. They are building a walkway down to the shore so that people with mobility problems can access the water.

They are also changing the beach toilets for automatic or self-cleaning ones. They are changing the lifeguard huts, too.

Carchuna-Calahonda are semi-independent towns that come under Motril Town Hall, (ELA) so they have a First Councillor to head them, in this case, Concepción Abarca. She explained that they had waited several years for this grant and were relieved when it finally came through.

Editorial comment: Improving access to the beaches is laudable, of course, and nobody is arguing that it’s not a good idea but rather that it is a crushingly ridiculous time to go about it at the height of summer.

The sad fact is that town halls of all colours deliberately plan major works at the height of summer because they want to be seen as doing things by as many people as possible. If this is the explanation for both Salobreña and Calahonda, it’s incredibily stupid.

(News: Calahonda-Carchuna, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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