The Good, The Bad and The Disputable

The work on the street leading up from the town-hall square to the church has finally concluded, and looks pretty good, as well as much more practical.

The removal of the palms caused criticism from one ecologist group, but frankly, the arguments were not very convincing ones. The said street runs north to south,  bordered by high building on either side meaning that even in the height of summer, apart from midday – when only mad dogs and Englishmen venture out – there is shade… not that the palms ever provided much shade, anyway.

No, the main criticism and probably the most justified has been from the Almuñécar farming community, concerning – in their opinion – misspent funding for the project. If you take a look at the notice board on the side of the Town Hall, you will see that it is a summary of the job project, where it is clearly stated that the funds comes from a agricultural grant…

For this reason, the Almuñécar and La Herradura farming association have submitted a formal complaint to the Diputación de Granada (provincial council) against the provisional approval of the Plan Cuatrienal de Obras y Servicios 201-2015, as they strongly oppose the fact that the Almuñécar Town Council has committed virtually all of the funds provided by the said PCOS 201-2015 within the urban area of the municipality.

What the various agricultural representatives are demanding is that the 1.5m-euro budge be spent on improving rural infrastructure; i.e., country lanes etc, instead of ‘sprucing up’ the town.

Now, firstly, the provincial council and the Almuñécar town council are both in the hands of the Partido Popular, so there are no ‘waves’ being caused between the two administrative bodies over how these funds are being spent. Secondly, the man hours for these jobs within the township are being handed out to the town’s unemployed on a rotational basis so that as many families as possible can receive at least a little income. However, neither the harmony between the administrative bodies nor the social relief generated can ‘legally’ – perhaps – justify funds intended for one sector going to another.

The farmers want the funds spent on what they were intended for, which are the following rural lanes: Casadelfas to Lo Colorao; Rescate-río La Miel; Camino de Gelibra to Los Bañuelos; de Haza del Palmar to los Castillejos; the branch of Juan Franco in río Jate; barranco Matachinas towards Los Mateos; camino de Guerra-Los Mateos or el camino de los Majos between el collado Serrano and el barranco Salisipuedes.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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