Double Crash Barriers

LHR Biker Friendly Crash BarriersThe Public Works and Housing Board is going to spend 1.9m euros on crash barriers within the province of Granada; double crash barriers for protecting bikers.

Those nearly two million euros will provide 36,445 kilometres of this kind of roadside protection and will be erected by Gallonda (23,304 km), . Ferroser (7,642) and Audeca (5,499).

The work includes the addition to and adaption of existing, single-rail barriers, as well as the erection of double-rail barriers where there hasn’t been any metallic barriers before; i.e., where the old stone ones are.

These double barriers have long been a demand from motorbike clubs and associations because the single-band ones have exposed stanchions that literally act like guillotine blades, amputating limbs, if a bikers comes off the bike and slides into them.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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