Big Traffic Shake Up

Almuñécar Town Hall intends to completely change the lay out of Avenida Costa del Sol de Almuñécar, which links the Guardia Civil, main-road junction to La Carrera.

ALM Avenida Guadix:Costa de Sol roundaboutMany years ago (until 1979) this was the old N-340 which actually ran through Almuñécar before it bypassed the town from Costa Banana to the La Paloma gasolinera.

After that, Avenida Costa del Sol was known locally as the disco road as Almuñécar had four of them along that street, until ex-Mayor Benavides, who lived in a flat along the road, had at least one of them closed down, Discoteca El Mango. He lived above it – a pure coincidence, of course.

Enough of the local-history commentary and onto the near future… The changes will be in phases, starting with a section from Avenida de Cala (return road from the Municipal Market) as far as the bridge over Río Seco (where Radiovision was).

The funding (1.3m) will come from the municipal coffers and the booty from several bank heists and kidnappings… just joking! Actually, the Mayor explained that they had 4.5m euros left over from the 2023 budget, which would be used for this task.

The Mayor, Juanjo Ruiz Joya, together with the Councillor for Public Works, Francisco Rodríguez, presented the project this morning before the gathered press, lured with coffee and biscuits.

ALM AV.Costa del Sol:La CarreraThey explained that at the top of Calle Guadix (running alongside Río Seco) there will be a roundabout, which is a good idea because the present junction is a nightmare in the summer with cars from the beach causing tailbacks.

The total area that will be affected is 5,100 sq/m. Now, as no Mayor is capable of plonking down a roundabout without putting some sort of adornment on it, there will be a statue of a mermaid.

Naturally, the second party trick of successive municipal administrations is the elimination of surface parking, so we can kiss good bye to several parking bays. The reasoning given is that there will be underground parking beneath the municipal market for 200 vehicles. Just how many are rotative (first come, first served) as opposed to reserved parking, is another question.

As for the rest of Avenida Costa del Sol, there will be better lighting, green areas between lanes, street furniture and wider pavements… You can already land a Boeing 747 on the existing ones, but let’s make them wider!

The work project should be awarded to cousins and friends (just joking) by the end of the year.

(News/Opinion: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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