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Salobreña Electoral Rumblings

By Martin Myall

With less than a month to the Regional Elections (2nd December) opposition parties all over Andalucía are poking around for sticks to beat ruling parties. »

Speeding Mayor Nabbed

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mayor of Alcañiz (Teruel) was caught doing 211 KPH on a stretch of road with at 100 KPH speed limit. He said that he was sorry. »

Trial Backfires on Claimant

By Martin Myall

The Public Prosecutor has dropped a charge against a conservative MP in Alicante for allegedly striking a British resident. »


By Martin Myall

After the teachers in the Balearic Islands had been on strike for ten days, a conservative MP dropped a bomb shell: parents who are supporting the teachers strike run the risk of having their children removed from their care for not ensuring that they children go to school. »

Fair Cop or Set Up

By Martin Myall

Ex-regional MP for the PP, Santiago Cervera claims that he had been set up when he turned up at an arrange pick-up point and that he had not tried to blackmail a bank director. »

From MP to Postman

By Martin Myall

Jordi Miralles used to be chauffered around in an official car in his capacity of Member of Parliament for the Catalan Regional Parliament - he now pushes a postman's delivery trolley. »

British Embassy Newsletter

By Martin Myall

We reproduce the British Embassy Newsletter which we received with a request for publication »

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