After the teachers in the Balearic Islands had been on strike for ten days, a conservative MP dropped a bomb shell: parents who are supporting the teachers strike run the risk of having their children removed from their care for not ensuring that they children go to school.

Not surprisingly, the threat issued by the regional MP, Ana María Aguiló via her twitter account has caused a furore.

The strike is as a result of a decision made by the autonomous government of these islands, to have a third of the classes taught in English. It should be borne in mind that language impositions are very unpopular where regional languages are now predominant, thanks to the Franco-era prohibition against using them.

Not happy with threatening the loss of tutelage over their own children, she described the rebellious parents as “A large troop of ‘unbrained’ sovereignists.”

Well, the PP are determined to make friends, aren’t they…

(News: Balearic Islands, Spain)

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