Andalucía Leads The Way

AND Boris Johnson 02It seems an MP in the British Parliament considers that Andalucía is doing a good job as far as tackling Covid goes.

MP David Davis suggested that the Prime Minister should take a closer look at the research taking place in Andalucía involving calcifediol, also known as calcidiol in the measuring of a person’s vitamin D status.

The Instituto Maimónides de Biomedicina in Córdoba has been obtaining very positive results from Covid patients. Such is the buzz that even Boris Johnson has heard of this line of research and assured  MP Davis that he will be looking into it.

Doctor José Manuel Quesada and Doctor López Miranda’s application of this vitamin-D boost in covid patients has reduced the chances of an infected person with ‘respiratory distress” needing the ICU and consequently, the number of deaths from Covid.

“MP Davis has been in contact with us for the last few months and after his intervention in the Parliament he wants the UK to follow the nutritional recommendations that we have published,” explained Doctor López Miranda

Well, at least we are doing something right down in this sunny corner, right?

(News: Cordoba, Andalucia)

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