Speeding Mayor Nabbed

SPN Speeding Mayor OnLThe Mayor of Alcañiz (Teruel) was caught doing 211 KPH on a stretch of road with a 100 KPH speed limit. He said that he was sorry.

Conservative Mayor, Juan Carlos Gracia, who is also a regional MP for Teruel, was hammering it along the N-420, which has quite a few radar traps, as it is a particularly dangerous road.

They’re going to throw Article 379 of the highway code at him, which means he could lose his licence from between one year up to four and a suspended prison sentence of three to six months.

The Mayor published a public apology from his office, stating: “I would like to apologise publicly for my behaviour this morning whilst on my way to Teruel. Our public responsibilities whilst serving our citizens demand of us exemplary behaviour in all walks of life and it is logical that we are expected not to commit offences such as I have this morning.

I reiterate my apologies to anybody in the province who has felt let down by this behaviour.

I feel very repentant and I shall assume the corresponding sanction.”

Editorial comment: the question is, should somebody who is willing to risk his life and those of other road users in such an irresponsible manner be in position of maximum responsibility as a mayor and MP?

In other words, should his party act and force him to resign if it does not offer to?

(News: Alcaniz, Teruel, Aragon)

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