Salobreña Electoral Rumblings

sal-medical-centre-onlWith less than a month to the Regional Elections (2nd December) opposition parties all over Andalucía are poking around for sticks to beat ruling parties.

Such is the case in Salobreña where opposition leader for the PP, Gustavo Aybar, has criticised the socialist-led Junta de Andalucía over deficiencies in the town’s medical centre.

According to Sr Aybar, the Junta had failed to provide a second AE team (Urgencias) despite a petition backed by 1,700 signature demanding one.

This petition was also supported by the PP regional MP, Marifrán Carazo, who considers that the socialist are “not fit to” run Salobreña as they have fallen into line with the Junta. She “laments” that the Junta has “ignored” the signed petition.

Sra. Carazo was not a happy bunny over the area hospital in Motril, either, which she claims has dropped so far behind that it couldn’t end up any further back,” owing to “scandal after scandal.”

Editorial comment: whilst the socialists are about as much cop as a chocolate fireguard, even on a good day, it boarders on white-knuckled hypocrisy by the conservatives, as they have slashed public-health spending wherever they have controlled a regional government, going so far as to sell off hospitals into private hands in Madrid to balance the books. Yet, politicians will be politicians.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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