Two wheels, 60 & No Sense?

GRA Cyclist in a QuarryYouth requires a degree of foolishness otherwise it is youth misspent. However, if you’re old and foolish, well, you’re just a plain fool. Anyway, you judge for yourselves with this next article.

Anybody who drives up to Granada from the coast will have seen the large, open quarries behind Padul, which are stepped with between 20 and 30 metres between each step. Well, a 60-year-old cyclist, mounted on a mountain bike, decided that he was going to ride down them.

This gentleman had cycled up the access track to the top, but instead of going the same way back down, thought, “I say, wouldn’t it be a good wheeze to peddle down the side of the quarry!” Well, about the only good wheeze he had were the ones peddling up the access lane.

GRA Padul Quarry 02Somehow he managed to get down to the first step, some 20 metres but having reached it he decided that, perhaps, it might be better to go back up again, which he was unable to do, of course, so he phoned for somebody to come and rescue him; in this case the Guardia Civil  mountain rescue helicopter, who had nothing better to do, obviously, last Sunday around teatime; 16.00h – the Guardia Civil have yet to learn the ancient art of sipping tea with a little finger protruding, discussing the weather and nibbling on biscuits, bless their cotton socks, otherwise they would have told him, “on your bike!”

After about three hours trapped on the quarry face, he was winched aboard the helicopter and it would have been nice to say, they shoved him out the door, chained to his bicycle, from a suitable height to knock some sense into him. And yes, they even recovered his bike for him!

Note: If you look carefully at the bottom photo, you can just see the helicopter in the centre of the image against the 6th step from the bottom.

(News: Padul, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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