Guardia Divers Recover Safe

SPN Guardia Divers Recover SafeSpecialist divers belonging to the Guardia Civil (GEAS) recovered a safe from the seabed below the cliffs on Punta des Jonc, near Cala Marçal (Mallorca).

It was a couple out snorkelling on the 21st of last month that came across the submerged safe, which by its pristine state hadn’t be under the water very long.

The next day, the Guardia Civil divers explored the described area and came across the safe at a depth of 15 metres. Using a balloon designed for such tasks, they brought it to the surface where it was given a cursory inspection on the deck of the accompanying launch. It did not appear to have been forced.

They registered the find at the Guardia Civil post in Manaco where it was given a more thorough inspection. At the same time the police went over their recent crime reports in the area. Amongst them was a burglary on the 18th of last month at a house in Cala Marçal where a safe was removed.

The owner was contacted who came round to the police station and opened the safe and found the contents undisturbed; 1,000 euros and valuable documents – soggy, but undisturbed.

(News: Cala Marcal, Islands, Mallorca, Balearic Islands)

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