Tying the Knot Turns Nasty

GRA Guardia with Patrol CarsA wedding reception in Pinos Puentes didn’t end well when an all-out brawl erupted, requiring the presence of six patrol cars to sort it out.

Things went down hill around 20.20h in a restaurant in Pinos Puente when tables and chairs began to fly. It’s still not clear what set if off.

Although an ambulance was sent to the restaurant, only one person, an elderly lady, required assistance after the “stressful event.”

The Guardia Civil, who have indentified some of the participants in the fisty-cuffs, managed to quieten things down so that the celebration could continue… once the table and chairs had been put the right way up again and albeit with fewer guests.

(News: Pinos Puentes, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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