Patient Threatens Doctor

GRA Doctor's Surgery La Peza 03A resident of La Peza (Granada) is being investigated by the police threatening his doctor after she refused to see him without an appointment.

The victim, a female doctor at the medical centre in this inland town of around 1,300 inhabitants, phoned the police to say that she feared for her life, and that of a nurse who works with her after receiving threats from the 62-year-old man.

“You’ve got a couple of people waiting to see you here,” shouted the man. The trouble was that it wasn’t the first time that he had turned up without an appointment and on top of that expected to be seen immediately.

The Guardia Civil began investigating the incident and soon found witnesses who corraborated the doctor’s claims giving the police a case against him to present before the courts.

Owing to a rise in aggression against medical staff, the police fast-track reported incidents under the Plan Integral de Protección a Profesionales de la Salud.

GRA La Peza Battle Reenactment 01Footnote: La Peza is famous for its resistance against Napoleonic troops in 1810. The Mayor had a cannon made out of a tree trunk and fired it to repulse the advancing infantry. The device blew apart killing combatants from both sides but failed to stop the French. The Mayor was captured but rather than accepting to be a prisoner, he snapped his mayor’s batton in half and jumped off a steep barranco shouting, “I am the town of La Peza that refuses to surrender,” Rumours that the French shouted down, “Come back; we’re only kidding, remain unsubstantiated.

(News: La Peza, Guadix, Granada, Andalucia)

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