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Low Crop Prices

It’s amazing the difference between what the big supermarket chains pay farmers for their fresh fruit and veg and the price on the supermarket shelves – and arguably unjust.

No Rain… No Fruit

(SUK) It really needs to rain and rain properly. We’ve seen promising skies, thunder, lightening and even a smattering of raindrops. However, the countryside needs sustained rainfall over weeks.

Fruit Crate Snatchers Nabbed

About a month ago we ran an article on how tens of thousands of plastic fruit crates had disappeared from outside plastic greenhouses – the mystery has been solved. Five people have been arrested over the robbery of over 40,000 fruit crates.

Super Spar

Have you been down to the Spar shop in Calle Bikini, Almuñécar lately? If not, you really should do. The shelves are jam packed with brilliant items you would only normally see in the UK, although they do have plenty of goods from Scandinavia as well.

Counting the Blessings

Whatever is covered later on in the Almuñécar section, it is probably a good idea to take a stock check of what we have. You see, it doesn’t matter whether you came here 40, 30, 20, 10, or just 5 years ago – Almuñécar is still very much a privileged place to live in.

Mayor Acquitted I

The Almuñécar political class, as well as many Almuñequeros, were surprised when the Supreme Court acquitted the Mayor of Almuñécar over the Tropical Fruits SA case.

Mayor Acquitted II

If the Mayor of Almuñécar were a racehorse, under his present circumstances, nobody would bet on him, but he repeatedly crosses the judicial finishing line in first place.