Woman Caught Stealing Avocados

The Motril Policia Local arrested a woman who had allegedly stolen 14 kilos of avocados from an orchard.

Police in their patrol car had noticed a woman acting suspiciously within sight of the road, just inside an avocado plantation between the Camino de San Antonio and Calle Enrique Martín Cuevas.

When they called over to her she ducked down but when she realised that she had been seen she ditched a bag containing the fruit and attempted to run off. One of the policemen hopped over the fence and chased after her, finally catching her up along Calle Enrique Martín Cuevas.

She admitted having gained entrance to the plantation by climbing over a fence with the intention of stealing some of the fruit.

Editorial Comment: Fourteen kilos of avocados and arrested, yet our dealing politicians steal hundreds of thousands of public money or in bribes and never see the inside of a prison, thanks to eternal lawsuits…

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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