Mayor Acquitted I

ALM benny's trialAlmuñécar’s political parties, as well as many Almuñequeros, were surprised when the Supreme Court acquitted the Mayor of Almuñécar in the Tropical Fruits SA case.
In a court case, which had dragged on an amazing 18 years and had originally delivered a guilty verdict against the Mayor and several others who sat on the Admininistrative Board of the company, the final twist was the most unexpected, even, perhaps, for the Mayor himself.
The Mayor and the rest of the Administrative Board had been charged with negligence in the managing of public funds, found guilty in 2003, and ordered to repay the money, plus interest, inyto the public coffers.
Yet again, the Mayor has come out on top in one of the many judicial battles that confront him, but how long can he keep it up for?

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