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Yako Needs A Home

By Vivienne Hughes

Would you like to adopt a 1-year-old boxer? No, I'm not referring to a baby pugilist but a very special dog. »

Mayor Stands Firm on CIE

By Vivienne Hughes

The Mayor of Motril is determined that the Central Government does not turn the old Air Force installations into an immigrant holding centre. »

New Immigrant Holding Centre

By Hugh MacArthur

The Defence Ministry has formally ceded the EVA-9 Air base in Motril to the Interior Ministry for it to be made into an immigrant holding centre. »

Unexploded Artillery Shell on Lujar Road

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil carried out a controlled explosion of a Civil-War-era artillery shell, found next to a road in the municipality of Lujar. »

Motril’s Jet Fighter

By Martin Myall

Anybody who has come into Motril from the top, past the hospital, will have seen the HA200 jet aircraft that stands just across from gasoline station. »

Motril Air Display

By Editor

Motril’s annual air display will take place on Playa Granada at 11 o’clock in the morning of Sunday the 6th of June. Last year the air display was dedicated to helicopters and gyrocopters, whereas this year the emphasis is on light aircraft, featuring an aerobatics team and there will also be a military contingent.... »

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