Yako Needs A Home

MOT YakoWould you like to adopt a 1-year-old boxer? No, I’m not referring to a baby pugilist but a very special dog.

Yako is a stray that has grown to this venerable age in the Los Alamos area of Motril. This is the area next to the old Spanish Air Force installations, the EVA-9, where there is an ongoing dispute about turning it into an immigrant-holding centre.

When the locals managed to get the renovation work stopped, security guards moved in to keep an eye on all the building material until the court case was solved.

One of them, Antonio Contreras, adopted Yako for his night shifts as the stray always turned up to keep him company. They’re great mates, but there is no way that Antonio can take him home with him, certainly not  when this particular task comes to completion. He barks at noises but he is a laid-back dog and friendly with people.

So, there is where you step in because Antonio is looking for a home for him. Who to speak to? Well, probably it’s best to contact either the municipal animal shelter or the privately run one; they will know how to get in touch.

APAF (private animal home)

publicly run animal home

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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