Mayor Stands Firm on CIE

MOT EVA 9 Radar SiteThe Mayor of Motril is determined that the Central Government does not turn the old Air Force installations into an immigrant holding centre.

For this reason the Town Hall will not be issuing a building licence for any work in that direction on the site of the EVA 9 installations. In fact the only thing that they want to hear from the Central Government in Madrid is that it is going to hand over the buildings to the Town Council for municipal, public use.

This response was sparked off by an announcement by the Prime Minister that the Board of Ministers had approved a 3.3m euro budget to convert the old air-force base into a Centro de Internamiento para Extranjeros (CIE).

It should be pointed out that the military presence in Motril was divided into three different areas: the radar station on top the hill near the Lújar road, the married quarters near where the jet-aircraft monument stands and the administrative buildings on the eastern outskirts of Motril. It is this last location that is being considered as an immigrant holding station.

Editorial comment: every political party in the municipality has rejected the idea of turning the base into a CIE for one simple, unspoken reason: the municipal elections take place in May next year and the Central Government’s idea is deeply unpopular amongst the Motrileños. Therefore every vote-mining local politician from the Mayor down to the Town Hall janitor’s cat wants to be seen opposing it.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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