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Assault Rifles Confiscated

By Hugh MacArthur

Two men were arrested on the A-92 near Moraleda de Zafayona after the Guardia Civil stopped the car they were travelling in and found firearms. »

Lobres School Intruders

By Hugh MacArthur

The Salobreña Policía Local were called into action when the Head Teacher of the Lobres school reported an unauthorised entry into the school. »

Sniffer Dogs Rumble Driver

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Motril Port arrested a Moroccan lorry driver after sniffer dogs located 728 kilos of hashish. »

Cortijo Squatter Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

A 24-year-old man was arrested in Almuñécar last month for selling drugs in a cortijo that he was squatting in. »

Surfer Finds Jettisoned Drugs

By Hugh MacArthur

A surfer handed over a waterproof parcel to the Guardia Civil post in Castell de Ferro that he had found out floating in the sea - it contained hashish. »

Castell Murder Threats

By Hugh MacArthur

(IND) The Guardia Civil arrested a known criminal in Castell de Ferro for domestic violence after his ex-partner had reported him to the police. »

Drugs & Driving Licences

By Hugh MacArthur

Did you know that more drivers have lost their licence in the province for being under the influence of drugs than for alcohol? »

Guardia Arrested over Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

A Guardia Civil sergeant has been arrested, after allegedly ramming another car deliberately, whilst drink driving and having consumed drugs. »

Mayor Tested Positive for Drugs

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Huélago was gave a positive reading for drugs after being involved in a car accident which resulted in two people being injured. »

Dutch Driver Kills Cyclist

By Hugh MacArthur

This time is was a Dutch citizen that knocked down a cyclists and killed him. It happened on the same stretch of road as a previous incident resulting in five such deaths. »

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