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Dog Thrown from 11th Floor

AND Dog Thrown Off Tall Building

This rather nasty incident occurred in Malaga on September 14th when residents rang the local police to report that a dog had fallen into the central courtyard area of a block of flats.

Dílar Dog Rescued

GRA Dilar Dog Rescued

Fire services are renowned for rescuing cats stuck up trees but the Granada one went one better and rescued a dog trapped on a cragy outcrop.

Saved by His Dog

AND Found by His Dog

A man got into trouble after falling down a slop whilst looking for his dog. He was finally rescued thanks to it leading family members to way he lay.

Nasty & Not Cosher

SPN Seprona generic

The Guardia Civil are investigating a 53-year-old individual in Motril, suspected of animal cruelty and exercising a profession without the necessary qualifications.