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Pork Pie Detected

A Motril man claimed that he’d been kidnapped in his own car by two unknown men, who forced him to drive to the outskirts, before throwing him out and driving off.

From Bad to Worse

On the 19th of February, just outside Cúllar Vega, the driver of a Citröen Saxo was dismayed when another car hit him from behind… but things got worse.

Salobreña Aggravated Car Theft

On Thursday night a 30-year-old Salobreña man demanded his stepfather’s car keys. The man refused, upon which, the stepson, who has previous convictions for violence, knocked the man to to the ground and beat him. With his stepfather suitably subdued the man took the car keys from him and drove off, leaving his victim on the pavement.

Unwanted Passenger

The Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan regional police) arrested a man and charged him not only with the theft of a car, but also of ejecting the elderly passenger.

False Theft Accusation

A car theft was reported to the Guardia Civil Office in Salobreña on Saturday 21st. After several investigations, the Guardia Civil found out tha the vehicle had not been stolen but had suffered an accident and had crashed when the owner at the wheel, allegedly under the influence.