Pistol-Point Failures

GRA Pistol PointThree hooded men tried to steal a car at pistol point around the end of last month in Peligros – they failed; wrong victim.

It was around 22.00h that Friday night when the would-be robbers held a pistol to a woman’s head, but her husband, far from crumbling into submission, wrested the gun from the aggressor, giving him a resounding slap around the face, for good measure.

At this point the three, now cowered robbers, took to their heels – they had unwittingly chosen a retired Guardia Civil policeman for as their victim. Besides, the town is called Peligros, which should be a warning in iteself.

Barely two hours later the Guardia Civil received a call to say that three hooded men were in Purchil and had tried to steal a car at pistol point, as well.

On this occasion the driver was accompanied by his grandson, a child. Again the victim put up a fight resulting in another failure on the part of the robbers, who fled the scene for a second time.

Despite these two incidents, the Guardia Civil have been unable to identify the three men. However, they are probably the same culprits who did the same in a Mercadona car park in Peligros on the 15th of November. Incredibly, they obtained the same resistance and abandoned the idea of stealing the car.

Only on one occasion did they manage to steal a car using this method, this time in Albolote shortly after the Mercadona incident.

During the whole of 2018, a total of 607 cars were stolen within the province, which was 22% down o 2017 with its 787 stolen vehicles. With the track record of these intrepid three, 2019 will see a further drop in the figures.

(News: Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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