From Bad to Worse

On the 19th of February, just outside Cúllar Vega, the driver of a Citröen Saxo was dismayed when another car hit him from behind… but things got worse.

The driver got out, as did the two occupants of the Renault 5 that had collided with him, but instead of an exchange of paperwork for the accident claim, they beat the crap out of him… but things got worse.

Worse, because one of the assailants jumped into the victim’s car and drove off, whilst the other did the same in the the Renault 5.

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The victim scraped himself off the hard shoulder and staggered off to inform the Guardia Civil.

The next day his car was found abandoned on a country track. This was followed a few days later by the police tracking down the Renault 5, complete with damage to the front from the collision.

The victim gave a positive identification of the vehicle owner as one of the assailants and the man was remanded in custody.

(News: Cullar Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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