Paper Edition

News that has been published in the paper edition but not online until now

Generous Germans

ALM Generous Germans

The Chairman of the Asociación de Germanos Hablantes de Almuñécar y La Herradura, Ueli Amstad, handed over a 1,000-euro donation to the local parish charity, Cáritas.

Weed in Car Boot

ALM Weed in Car Boot Onl

The Almuñécar Policía Local arrested a local man over an illegal plantation in a garage – he had been stopped with a car boot full of weed at a road check.

Zaragoza Snake Oil

A woman in Zaragoza was arrested for selling a supposed cure for Covid-19 after one of her customers ended up in hospital after trying it.

Tractors on Motril Beach

MOT Tractors Repairing Playa Granada

‘The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away’ and the same can be said about the sea off Motril, except that it’s doing little ‘giveth’ and plenty of ‘taketh away.’