The 41 towns surrounding the City of Granada, including

Zubia Deluge

GRA Huetor Deluge

Whilst down here on the coast it was a dry Sunday, apart from the early hours, further inland, it was a very different story as this video footage shows.

Woman Stabs Ex

GRA Cullar Vega

A woman was arrested yesterday in Cúllar Vega for stabbing her ex after he broke his court order to keep his distance. She has since been released.

Guilty of Animal Cruelty

GRA Horse Starved to Death

A man from Maracena received a 9-month suspended sentence for letting his horse die from thirst and hunger. He has also been barred from working with or possessing animals for a period of two years.

The Saddest Find

GRA Recycling Plant

The body of a newborn baby was found in a recycling bin in Alhendín. According to the autopsy report, the girl had been born alive and healthy.

A Town Called Disgusting

GRA Valderrubio

A rose by any other name… tell that to the townsfolk of Asquerosa (Disgusting). No matter that it comes from Latin, meaning Aqua Rosae, (Rose Water) it still sucks.

Flasher Arrested

GRA Parque Pulianas

The Guardia Civil arrested a completely nude man in a public park in Pulianas (Granada) who had been masturbating in front of a group of minors.