Suspicious Chalet Fire

Last Thursday around 17:45h the Ogíjares Policía Local received a call to say that there was a fire in a chalet, so they rushed round to the address given.

GRA Vega Burning Weed ChaletWhen they got there they were surprised to see the owner of the chalet trying to put it out himself with a garden hose and had nearly put it out because it had only affected his front garden.

Seeing this, the police didn’t inform the fire service but they did start to get suspicious because of the way the man was behaving, so they decided to have a closer look.

They quickly saw that the fire had been caused by an electricity cable burning out because of an overload, so they called in an inspector from Endesa because it looked like an illegal hook up.

The officers’ next step was to inspect the inside of the dwelling to see if he had an indoor plantation – there were three different rooms, completely kitted out for growing marihuana, of which there were 164 plants which had already reached maturity.

He was arrested and handed over to the Guardia Civil who deal with criminal offences rather then civil or administrative.

(News/Noticias: Ogijares, Vega alta, Granada, Andalucia)

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