Almuñequero Arrested in Armilla

Officers belonging to both the Armilla and Almuñécar Policía Local were involved in the arrest of an Almuñécar man following his attack on his partner.

ALM Policía Local Patrol Car 400x250The incident took place around 21.00h on Saturday the 18th in Armilla, which was witnessed by several people, and the 40-year-old aggressor immediately left for Almuñécar on the Costa Tropical with his daughter. The young child was from a previous marriage but lived in the house of the accused’s live-in partner.

The fact is that the man had a court order out against him, forbidding him from approaching the girl’s mother, owing to previous incidents of violence against her.

It was the victim who alerted the Armilla municipal police to what had happened. The police immediately sent a patrol car to the address and found that the woman bore several bruises and the other children were very visibly upset.

The mother explained that the aggressor had departed for Almuñécar with his 2-year-old daughter to a pre-arranged meeting place in that town in order to hand the child over to her mother; i,e, the one who was protected by a court order.

The Armilla police contacted their counterparts in Almuñécar and the man was arrested shortly after having dropped off the child at a prearranged ‘safe spot.’

(News/Noticias: Almuñécar/Armilla, Costa Tropical/Vega de Granada, Granada, Andalucia)

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