The 41 towns surrounding the City of Granada, including

Malahá Earth Tremor

ALM Earth Tremor OnL

There was a moderate earth tremor under Malahá measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale, which was felt within the nearby city of Granada and surrounding towns.

Bee & Bee

GRA Wild Bees Nest

Ever suspected that you have an uninvited lodger in your house? What about 80,000 of them? Yes, somebody discovered a wild bees nest in their bedroom wall.

Unfeeling Iceland?

Granadino, José Ignacio Soto Roldán died on Thursday the 18th of last month in Akureyri (Iceland) but what followed was shameful. This 33-year-old man from Malahá had gone to that country some weeks before to find work and make a new start in life but there he met his death from a heart attack –…