News, views and information from Motril

Drug Bust

A Frenchman living in Motril was sentenced to three years in jail after being caught with 21 kilos of hash…car.

Archery Champion

Showing great promise and amazing skill with his bow and arrow, Alvaro Salmeron, a local boy from Motril has been raising eyebrows on the international archery field.

New Face

The Wind of Change blows through our beloved, yet rather ill fated, Salotril section once again this month. Supermum and regular contributor Vanessa has been snatched from her Salotril post to focus on rather more important, behind-the-scenes, Gazette work, and left me here to deliver you your monthly news fix. But don’t despair (because that would make two of us) it is far from the end of life as we know it.