Motril Roast Chestnuts Scandal?

The Motril IU and PP are revving up for some Christmas spirit and are throwing mutual accusations at each other.

The IU has heavily recriminated the governing PP for allegedly charging pensioners €4 each for there roast chestnut party and on top of that, turning the event into an election rally.

The PP had organized, in their own words, a “warm and emotive” gathering at the elderly day centres in town, “to continue giving a service to those that have, down the years, forged the town that is Motril.” Heroic stuff!

The IU had a chuckle and issued a press statement to say that the Mayor had forgotten to mention that the event wasn’t free, but would cost the pensioners €4 to, in effect, attend a politcal event.

“They spend public funds for nights in hotels, but didn’t have a centime to spare for the elderly folks’ roast chestnuts,” they denounced.

The PP responded, via their Spokeswoman, Ángeles López: “It is lamentable that the IU are more worried about the roast chestnuts that the elderly eat than the future that the grandchildren of these elderly people face with the application of the Plan de Corredor Litoral Andaluz.”

Editorial Comment: A strange form of defence over the Roast Chestnut Affair and very hard to see what charging pensioners €4 for roast chestnuts as part of the Mayor’s photo shoot has to do with the regional plan to protect the coastline from over development… How does one detract from the other?

It sounds like you go to somebody’s house, throw a fiesta there, and then charge them for it…

The question is, who is going to pull the Mayor’s hot chestnuts out of the fire?

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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