Motril Blaze

MOT incendio OnLLast night there was a brush fire in the Ronda Sur area of Motril – Ronda Sur is the road that links the port road to the Al Campo roundabout. Several parked cars were burnt out.

The high winds made the firemen’s task much more difficult. Such was the consternation that the Mayor, Luisa Garcia Chamorro, used her own online social-network account to reassure locals that there was no cause for further alarm.

As if the firemen didn’t already have their work cut out for them, it appears that acts of vandalism in the form of arson were also carried out around Torrenueva, resulting in rubbish hoppers being set alight.

“Tonight our firemen deserved a 10-out-of-10; not only because they had to deal with this [Ronda Sur] fire, but also in Torrenueva, as well, to put out burning rubbish hoppers. I am very proud of them,” praised the Mayor.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: L.G.CH.)

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