Ramblas Not Ready for Rains

MOT Ramblas Las Brujas August 18 01After the first rains, beaches at the mouths of numerous ramblas were strewn with cane and other vegetation. Such was the case with Playa Granada in Motril, for example.

But it’s not so much a case of the mess created, but of the way such vegetation obstructs storm water coming down the ramblas. Ramblas, if you didn’t know it, are wadis; i.e., a valley, ravine, or channel that is dry except in the rainy season.

Such was the concern in Carchuna-Calahonda that the Mayor, Concepción Barcas was out with her mobile phone checking on them – she then sent the photos she had taken to the Environmental Department of the Junta de Andalucía, whose responsibility it is to maintain the ramblas clear of vegetation.

Year after year the Costa Tropical faces the end-of-summer downpours with the ramblas full of cane growing in clumps. It should also be remembered that some of these ramblas go through the urban areas of coastal municipalities. Such is the case of the Rambla de la Vizcarra (Calahonda) which runs next to the school.

MOT Rambla de las Brujas Aug18 02So, what does the Junta say to the dangerous state of the ramblas? “We’ve got the file open;” they’re still shuffling papers, with little sign of heavy machinery and manpower being put into motion. Basically, there’s no money; for the salaries of the bigwigs, yes, but for such important tasks, no. Yes, that observation is pure ‘popularism,’ but it is a fact, nevertheless.

In Motril, the Rambla de Las Brujas is a jungle in single file, which runs through the town. It’s like that because it hasn’t been cleared out since July 2017. The Junta had promised to tackle it in September, but here we are in the second fortnight and the only thing moving along the rambla are the mosquitos and frogs.

Almuñécar and La Herradura’s three rivers (Jate, Seco and Verde) and a dozen ramblas… all of which have not been cleared out. Yes it has rained, but there has not been a serious cloudburst yet…

If a Town Hall should act without authorisation from the Junta; i.e., do it themselves and pass the bill to the Junta, they get their wrists slapped – water course maintenance is the Junta’s responsibility, even if they are being irresponsible about it.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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