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Motril Mining Park

By Martin Myall

The Parque del Cerro del Toro (Motril) might soon leave its state of limbo and abandon thanks to a possible agreement between the Junta and the Town Hall. »

Junta Moves Against Farmers

By Martin Myall

It looks like that the farmers who have allotments on the river banks of the Guadalfeo could be losing them to the Junta. »

New Motril Unemployment Office

By Martin Myall

The labour exchange (unemployment office) in Motril is a bit cramped, not only because of the queues but also because the premises are too small in general. »

Building Plot Finally Accepted

By Hugh MacArthur

The Andalusian Health Board has finally accepted the proposed plot of land next to the banks of the Río Chillar for the new medical centre. »

Torrox Marina Hopes

By Editor

Whilst Motril is going all out to get its marina off to a start, over in the Axarquia, Torrox is banging on the Junta's door to get their one approved. »

Junta Backs Motril Marina

By Martin Myall

The Marina project for Playa Granada has taken another important step towards becoming reality - the Junta de Andalucía has come out in support of the idea. »

Cármenes Court Finding

By Vivienne Hughes

The High Court of the land has rejected the appeal lodged by the company that built Carmenes del Mar on Cerro Gordo (La Herradura). »

Letting You Know

By Vivienne Hughes

The Department of the Environment at the Almuñécar Town Hall has been out signposting protected wildlife areas around the municipality. »

Salobreña Old Town Plans

By Martin Myall

Salobreña's old town is worthy of admiration; at the first light of dawn or in the evening when it is all lit up, it aches to be painted. »

Junta Backs Rail Link

By Martin Myall

For the first time the Junta de Andalucía and formally expressed support for a rain link between Granada and Motril Port. »

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