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Peña Escrita Cycle Race

By Martin Myall

Things to do on a baking-hot, Andalusian, August day... What about cycling up 1,200 in height along 37 kilometres. Yep, me neither. »

Concert in the Fortress

By Louise Powell

Tomorrow night will see a chance to tune into some boleros, mambos, rumbas, tangos, cha-cha-chas, in La Herradura fortress. »

French Developer Plans

By Vivienne Hughes

La Herradura could be seeing a new luxury urbanización, thanks to a French developer ploughing 16m euros into a project. »

Lemongrass August Pop Up

By David Darby

There are a few extra treats coming out of the stylish Restaurante Lemongrass in La Herradura during August, so pin your ears back and take note! »

Puppets in the Plaza

By Louise Powell

La Herradura's Puppet Festival, which has reached its 21st Year, will commence on the 25th and run to the 28th of this month. »

Looking Back: ATM Mugging

By Martin Myall

Much like last month's article from a decade back, La Herradura was going through a rough patch owing to muggings, flashers and a whole range of unsavoury happenings. »

New Demolition Order

By Martin Myall

Costas has still got its teeth into the sports facilities on La Herradura beach, seeking its demolition since May 2016. »

Looking Back: Looking Big

By Martin Myall

This year the coast gets plenty of visitors and not all of them are human, such as the basking shark from ten years ago. »

Not a Good Start

By Martin Myall

As soon as the increased summer population of La Herradura ups the workload on the new sewage system... well, you can guess what hits the fan, so to speak. »

Bike Meet at the Fort

By Martin Myall

Right, you still have today to make your way along to the castle (fort) in La Herradura to join in the fun at the bike meet there. »

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