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Fished off the Seabed

LHR Retrieve Fishing Gear

On Monday, Almuñécar Councillor for Beaches & Tourism, Daniel Barbero, was shown the fishing equipment and rubbish brought up from the seabed by volunteers.

Expert Looks at Carmenes

LHR Expert Assesses Carmens del Mar

Almuñécar Town Hall has called in an expert; a professor of Civil Engineering to carry out a study of the earth movement under Carmenes del Mar in La Herradura.

The 1562 Museum

LHR Fort 01 OnL

The Vice PM for the Junta, Juan Marín, and representatives from other bodies were present at the inauguration of La Herradura fort-museum last month.

Blue Zones Operatives

ALM Velilla Blue Zones

You might have thought that this Semana Santa would be different, and it will be, except in one way; the Blue Zones will be open for business as usual.