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Chameleon Census

By Vivienne Hughes

Over 50 volunteers combed the Paraje Natural de Cerro Gordo Saturday evening in search of chameleons in an effort to establish a census. »

Nº20 to Move!

By David Darby

Since opening its doors, Restaurante Nº20 in La Herradura has gone from strength to strength, so much so that it seems at times to be bursting at the seams! »

Bag Snatching in La Herradura

By Martin Myall

Two men were arrested in Almuñécar, accused of bag snatching in La Herradura and making a false statement. »

Abandoned House Blaze

By Vivienne Hughes

The Almuñécar fire service were called in to put a fire out in an abandoned building in La Herradura yesterday. »

Festival del Mar 2019

By Louise Powell

La Herradura will be holding the VII Festival del Mar from the 27th to the 29th of this month, with the slogan, We Are The Sea »

The Bright Blue Invaders

By Martin Myall

Beachgoers on La Herradura beach had a surprise when several specimens of what appeared to be Portuguese Man'o'War were washed up, however, they were something quite different. »

Rescue Near Marina del Este

By Hugh MacArthur

A young lad was rescued by the Guardia Civil and a diver from Centro de Buceo de La Herradura after he become trapped at the foot of a cliff. »

Plenty of Dolphins

By Louise Powell

We had a press release from Mike Shaw Roberts, who runs the popular boat charter company, Sailnplay, telling us about record dolphin sightings. »

Carmenes del Mar New Access

By Martin Myall

It looks like Altos de Cármenes de Mar in La Herradura will be getting a new access lane. »

Coastal Clean-Up in September

By Ann Jenkins

Four Costa Tropical Towns Join International, Coastal Clean-Up Day in September. »

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