Salobreña Police Disgruntled

SAL Local Police ProtestThere has long been a problem between the Salobreña Policia Local and whoever is in power; be it the PP or be it the PSOE. The police are not happy bunnies.

It was this Friday just past that members of the municipal police were protesting outside the town-hall building, demanding that the Police Chief resign.

So what’s the problem this time? Well, it appears that working conditions are the culprit. In fact, the police union has reported the Town Hall to the Inspección de Trabajo (Work Inspectors).

The disgruntled police officers (The Ed won’t let me say “policemen” because there might be policewomen involved, too) say that they have long demanded of the Mayor, María Eugenia Rufino, that she heed their demands. But they have run clean out of patience.

“The situation is unsustainable,” they say, because they have neither the human nor material resources to carry out their policing duties.

Oh, but the Mayor is generous with her promises and pledges, they point out, but rather short on actually doing anything vaguely reminiscent of a solution.

According to the police union, 80% of the policing staff are behind the demand for the police chief to step down.

The Policía Local comprises of 20 police officers yet only 15 are available to police the town. Furthermore, their numbers are totally inadequate to handle the summer population.

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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