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Rural Schools Rocked

By Martin Myall

The Provincial Education Delegate for Granada,, Antonio Jesús Castillo, has resigned after plans to reshuffle rural schools ran up against strong opposition. »

Salobreña Police Disgruntled

By Hugh MacArthur

There has long been a problem between the Salobreña Policia Local and whoever is in power; be it the PP or be it the PSOE. The police are not happy bunnies. »

Policeman Run Over whilst Directing Traffic

By Martin Myall

A municipal policeman was hit by a lorry whilst controlling traffic on a pedestrian crossing used by school children on Avenida Federico García Lorca in Salobreña. »

Trade Unions Under Fire

By Martin Myall

It's not only the political parties that are wading in the detritus of their own corrupt ways, but also allegedly members of the Royal Family and... the Trade unions in Andalucia. »

The Minister Who Won’t Resign

By Martin Myall

The Interior Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, has accepted the resignation of his Director of Communications, Albert Gimeno. Sr. Fernández, however, did not offer his own resignation. »

Not Just Juice

By Hugh MacArthur

A budding political career bit the dust in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) and the executioner was orange juice. »

Conservative Councillor Resigns

By Vanessa Bosch

PP Councillor, Miguel Ángel Anguita, at the Montefrio Town Hall has resigned as a measure of protest against his own party in the Central Government. »

Salobreña Cabinet Reshuffle

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Salobreña, Gonzalo Fernández Pulido, called a press meeting to announced changes in the municipal governing council or cabinet. »

European Cup Distraction

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Puebla de Don Fadrique; a village that is in the extreme north east of the province, bordering on Murcia, is demanding the resignation of three councillors who abandoned a Plenary Meeting of the Town Council to go and watch the European Cup semi-finals.... fair! »

Politician of the Month

By Martin Myall

Politicians in general are not held in particularly high esteem amongst Spaniards; now more than ever, fruit of their own misdoings. For this reason, it is refreshing to find a politician that merits respect; not for his achievements, but for his total honesty. »

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