More Jellyfish Than Tourists?

COS MedusaJellyfish have been the bane of not only this summer, but of several past summers, as well, and it is making a dent in local tourism.

For this reason, the administrations have finally got their fingers out to work out how to prevent their appearance on the Costa Tropical, instead of just trying to cope when they do assail the beaches.

The Chairman of the Mancomunidad, Sergio García Alabarce, announced that in September he would approach the University of Granada, through its Aula del Mar, and request that it carries out an exhaustive study on what is causing jellyfish proliferation along the coast.

The fact is that if you have been here 15 years or more, you will remember that jellyfish were never a problem – there was the occasional appearance of a dozen or so, but there was never banks of them day in, day out, throughout the summer.

Something has definitely changed.

What we do know already is that the drop in the number of jellyfish predators; i.e., tuna and turtle, is one of the causes. Another known cause is the amount of fertiliser that finally ends up in the sea, washed down the rivers and gullies. In other words, we are feeding them and they aren’t being fed upon. There is also the constant rise in sea temperature, which could also be influential.

Why are there fewer turtles (tortuga boba)? Many are dragged into the trawler nets and don’t survive, and of course there is the amount of plastic in the sea that they mistake for jellyfish, resulting in their deaths.

Anyway, many coastal municipalities in the province of Málaga have been asking the same thing of the Provincial Council, but there has been no conclusive study to date.

The Chairman of the Mancomunidad said that when armed with the results of the study, he will approach the competent administrations for them to put into motion counter measures against the jellyfish swarms.

He concluded by stating that it won’t be easy and it won’t come cheap, nor will it be rapid in reversing the trend.

But on a lighter note…

Cartoon Jellyfish

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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