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Torrenueva Mayor Injured

MOT Mayor Torrenueva

The Mayor of Torrenueva Costa, Plácido Lara, was injuried in a road accident on Sunday within his own municipality. Two vehicles were involved; the motorbike ridden by the Mayor and a car. The accident took place at approximately one in the afternoon on the N-340 at the same level as the Plaza de las Marismas. Sr.…

CA Want Rubble Check

ALM The Demolished Market

The main opposition party in Almuñécar, the CA, headed by J.C. Benavides, has requested that the Town Hall carries out an analysis of the market-building rubble.

Out and About Mayor

SPN Mayor Pastor of Badalona

The Mayor of Badalona (Cataluña) was arrested at a road, check point by the autonomic police for breaking quarantine amongst other charges.