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Monday, November 21, 2016
By Vivienne Hughes

spn-alone-at-home-onlTwo minors have been taken into care by the municipal social services of Murcia when it was discovered that they had been living alone for a month.

Apparently, their parents had gone to China – the family is from there – and left the 15-year-old brother in charge of his 8-year-old sister.

It was when the younger girl started turning up at school, unkempt, and wearing clothes ill-suited for the prevalent weather that made a teacher suspicious.

Intrigued by the girls haircut, which the child later explained she had done herself, on closer inspection the teacher realised that child also had head lice.

The social services were alerted and sent inspectors around to the children’s home and discovered that they were living completely alone and had done so over the last month. They found rotten food in several areas around the home and that it was also full of accumulated rubbish.

There was even dry excrement on the bathroom floor.

(News: Murcia)

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