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Nearly Got Away

By Hugh MacArthur

During the first week of this month the Guardia Civil flagged down a car but instead of stopping, it sped off causing the officers to jump aside. »

Dumps Dead Worker and Runs

By Vivienne Hughes

A farmer abandoned the body of a dead immigrant worker at a medical centre, together with another worker of the same nationality and then rapidly drove off. »

Pet Shop Abandonment

By Vivienne Hughes

The Environmental Department of the Guardia Civil, Seprona, inspected a pet shop and found several dead animals and others in a grave state. »

Brit Family Abandon Dog

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Almuñécar informed three Brits that they are being investigated over a case of alleged animal cruelty. »

Salobreña Beach Beef

By Vivienne Hughes

The Asociación Playas de Salobreña are fed up says their chairman, José Manuel Martínez; two years of broken pledges have worn out their patience. »

Sadly British

By Martin Myall

A British woman has made the Spanish news for failing miserably to care for her toddler - she could be charged for child abandonment. »

Dog Abandoned Down Well

By Vivienne Hughes

(CSC) The Policía Local, Fire Service and an animal protection service have rescued a dog that was trapped down a dry well in an area of Badajoz (Extremadura). »

Motril Strays & Homes

By Vivienne Hughes

Motril Town Hall is campaigning for awareness towards abandoned pets and their adoption from the municipal animal refuge. »

Toddler Rescued from Window

By Vivienne Hughes

The police managed to prevent a tragic accident after they were alerted to the presence of a toddler hanging half out of a 1st-floor window in the area of Madrid known as Usera. »

Home Alone

By Vivienne Hughes

Two minors have been taken into care by the municipal social services of Murcia when it was discovered that they had been living alone for a month. »

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