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Immigrants Land in La Herradura

By Editor

An open boat landed on La Herradura beach yesterday around 11.30h carrying immigrants from North Africa. »

Immigrants Land in Almuñécar

By Hugh MacArthur

An open boat carrying 15 North Africans landed on San Cristobal Beach in Almuñécar on the morning of Thursday the 29th. »

Food Poisoning at Youth Hostel

By Vivienne Hughes

Food poisoning during an Andalusian summer used to be a habitual occurrence, but not now, which is why a possible case in Viñuela stands out. »

Raped by the Judicial System

By Martin Myall

If you thought that the court finding on the Manada (Wolf Pack) rape case was shameful, then be prepared for even worse. »

Minors Sharing Porn

By Vivienne Hughes

The Head Teacher of a school in Logroño alerted the police to the circulation of a sexual-abuse video being shared by pupils on Whatsapp. One of the parents had brought his attention to it. »

Minors No Minor Problem

By Hugh MacArthur

The Basque regional police have arrested two 14-year olds for the alleged brutal beating and subsequent deaths of an elderly couple in Otxarkoaga. »

Cortijo Demolition Postponed

By Vivienne Hughes

(TVI06) The Vélez Town Hall had fixed this Monday for the eviction and demolition of two dwellings that had been built on rural land near Los Puertas. »

Flasher Arrested

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil arrested a completely nude man in a public park in Pulianas (Granada) who had been masturbating in front of a group of minors. »

Alone at Home with Dead Parents

By Martin Myall

Four children, all minors, spent five days, alone at home with the bodies of their parents - the bodies were discovered on Saturday the 23rd. »

Motril Burglars Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

Five alleged burglars were arrested after being surprised by a police patrol actually inside somebody’s house in Motril at one o’clock one morning. »

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