Ballistic Corporal

Monday, November 21, 2016
By Martin Myall

and-base-naval-de-rotaThe Supreme Court has acquitted a Spanish Navy (female) corporal, after having been sentenced to 3-years’ imprisonment for insulting a superior.

The insult involved was, “I’m shouting because I f***ing well feel like it!” Actually, the Spanish original literally translates for, “Because it comes out of my cu**!”

So, what caused this less than military response from the corporal to her superior when he ordered her to stop shouting at him?

She had just come off night shift at the Base Naval de Rota and had climbed into her car in the car park only to find a badly parked car blocking the exit.

Not a good start to a day, after a sleepless night, admittedly. She stomped off to the guardroom so that the NCO on duty could inform the owner of the offending car to move it, preferably, sharpish.

Soon after, with her back at her car, a sergeant and a corporal belonging to the naval vessel Juan Carlos I sauntered up to be greeted by the very unhappy, tired and patience-bereft heroine of our story.

The sergeant, realising that his smug expression wasn’t helping, told the niggled corporal to pipe down, which is when she let him have it.

Anyway, she was hauled in front of a military tribunal which sentenced her to three years jankers (military detention). She took the case to the Spanish Supreme Court who sentenced that the original punishment was “incorrect” and that the offending comment could not be construed as deserving imprisonment.

The Judge explained, “We are before a charge of supposed infliction of a personal injury (injury to the victim’s dignity), which clearly the comment was not, either in its literal sense, or within the situation in which is was proffered, as the victim did not consider his dignity or honour affected.”

Editorial comment: If the Spanish Armed Forces are anything like the British Armed Forces, she might have won her case, but she has kissed goodbye to her military career, unfortunately.

(News: Rota, Cadiz, Andalucia)

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