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Home Alone

By Vivienne Hughes

Two minors have been taken into care by the municipal social services of Murcia when it was discovered that they had been living alone for a month. »

Chinese Casonova Caught Out

By David Darby

Reports from Changsha in China say that a rather naughty Chinese man who was seeing 17 different girlfriends was found out when they all arrived to visit him in hospital. »

The Longest Freight Train Journey Ever

By Vivienne Hughes

Today, a freight train arrived with one hour's delay after travelling 13,000 kilometres, setting off from China and arriving at Madrid. »

Bear Bites Off Boy’s Arm

By David Darby

This tragedy unfolded at a Chinese zoo two days ago on Saturday 18th October, when a 9-year-old boy tried to feed a caged bear. The incident came to light the next day via local media and a report from the doctor who treated the lad. »

Spanish Swords, Made in China

By Hugh MacArthur

For centuries the finest swords were produced in Toledo, Spain - Toledo Steel, but now the Spanish Ministry of Defence prefers to buy them from China... »

Bottle Bottom Blunder

By David Darby

Off to China, where a man presented himself at his local hospital complaining of abdominal pains. When asked by doctors if he had any idea what could be causing his discomfort, he replied that he had no idea. »

Chinese Gump?

By David Darby

Most people will remember the scene in the film Forrest Gump where he just suddenly starts to jog, ending up with a huge following. Well, Li Gangbo had a similar moment, setting off from Yangzhou city in the Jiangsu province of eastern China with just a small backpack, his camera and a Chinese flag.... »

Chinese Alien Fabricator Can’t Phone Home

By David Darby

Obviously, being a farmer in China is not the most exciting job in the world, and for this reason one such farmer, known only as Mr. Li, decided to spice up his life a little bit by pretending that aliens regularly visited his farm. »

Bottoms UP

By David Darby

We've heard some very strange explanations as to why people have turned up at the Accident & Emergency Department of a hospital with foreign bodies in the bottoms. However, one has to give credit to a Chinese man from the town of Shunde in the Guangdong province, at least he was honest with hospital... »

Sinkhole Truck Trap

By David Darby

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wished that the ground would open up and swallow you? Well, for a Chinese trucker, that's exactly what happened. The truck driver was trundling along through Kunming, in the Yunnan province of China when a hole opened up beneath his vehicle. At over 30ft deep... »

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