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Caravan Arson Death

By Editor

A 32-year-old Spanish man has been arrested for murder after he allegedly set fire to somebody's caravan with the occupants inside. »

Rapists Attacked in Prison

By Hugh MacArthur

Three men being held in custody in Murcia since the 18th, accused of gang rape, were set upon by prison inmates. »

Motorbike Policeman Injured

By Hugh MacArthur

A motorbike policeman belonging to the Guardia Civil was involved in an accident when he collided with the read of a car in front of him. »

Woman Sold into Marriage

By Vivienne Hughes

Officers from the Policía Nacional arrested five Bulgarians in Alquerías (Murcia), suspected of selling a woman into marriage. »

Mother Jumps Holding Child

By Vivienne Hughes

A mother, holding her 4-year old in her arms, jumped from a 6th-floor window in Murcia yesterday. Both died from the fall. »

Anarchist Bombers Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

The police in Murcia have arrested six people in connection with the possession of explosive and using them in acts of sabotage . »

Puppies Rescued from Well

By Louise Powell

Fire personnel in Alguazas in Murcia managed to rescue five puppies that had been dropped down a well in a plastic bag. »

Reverse Domestic Violence

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman has been arrested for allegedly attacking her aged partner with an iron bar; she 38 an and he's 80, by the way. »

An 11-Year Old Gives Birth

By Vivienne Hughes

An 11-year-old girl gave birth to a child on Saturday the 3rd in a hospital in Murcia. The father is her 14-year-old brother. »

Car Theft Deaths

By Editor

A car chase with a teenager at the wheel of a stolen car led to an accident resulting in three deaths, one of them the driver of a van on his way to work. »

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