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Expensive Water

Sometimes we only react to the price of electricity as end consumers; but that is only one place where it hits us. It also hits us indirectly when when we go out and buy something. Take the case of the Almuñécar farmers in the vega…

Salobreña Vega Fire

A large fire broke out in the Salobreña vega (plantation) just along the river Guadalfeo, near the border with Motril. Motril Firefighters attended the scene in three fire trucks and extinguished the fire, which was no mean feat as they were hampered by high winds that were fanning the flames. Despite the prompt intervention of…

The Unsafe Safe

One particular construction company had its back to the wall by the end of 2008, with the ‘Brick Bubble’ coming apart. Accordingly, the decided to file for bankrupcy. However, in January 2009 ‘crooks’ broke into the company offices and cracked the safe, getting away with 110,000 euros… or did they?

Dangerous Brick

In the old days, los cortijeros would build their homes with anything to hand – even with unexploded, civil-war shells, it would seem.

The Mayor & The Dustbin Man

A judge has just decided that the Mayor of Otura (just south of the provincial capital) is not guilty of making death threats against a refuge collector, during a rubbish-collection strike in October of last year.

The Sound Rebellion

There is a disused secadero (tobacco-drying brick barns) that has been turned into a live-music venue in Alhendin on the outskirts of Granada, and it is very popular. However, the owner has just received a 30-month prison sentence for having the live music too loud, which means that the term exceeds the probation limit of 24 months and consequently, he will actually have to serve time.

Non-Stick Benny…

Benny has been acquitted – yet again! This time, he dodged a possible 2-year stretch in prison with a corresponding 10-year barring from public office. The latest judicial reprieve comes over the hitherto ‘illegal’ sports centre that was built in the vega of La Herradura, next to Río Jate. This means that nothing (judicial) stands between the Mayor and possible re-election in May next year in the municipal elections.