Provincial Council Indemnifies

GRA Carretera de la Zubia ZebraThe Granada law courts have sentenced the Provincial Council to paying compensation to the family of a road-accident victim, owing to the poor state of the road.

The young man was run over on the Carretera de la Zubia in 2015 when the PP were heading the Provincial Council. It was 21.30h on the 26th of September and the victim was hit on a zebra crossing.

The driver had not seen the zebra crossing, considers the law court, because of deficient road marking and poor lighting, although the judge maintains the original sentence finding that he had been driving recklessly.

Back in 2015 the driver had been sentenced to a 15-month, suspended sentence for reckless manslaughter but the family (two brothers) decided to sue the council for failing to maintain the road, as had they done so properly, the accident would not have occurred. This latest court sentence was the result of this law suit.

Although the judge did not agree with the sum demanded, he did set a lower compensation of 20,000 euros for each brother.

The judge based his decision on the account given by the head of the council crew that had painted the road surface, where he admitted that it had been raining at the time and the road markings were inadequate from the beginning. He said that they had been pressed to finish the task, despite the rain, because of the proximity of the 2015 elections.

(News: La Zubia, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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