Bar Terrace Stolen

GRA Stolen Bar TerraceAlmost every bar in Granada and the surrounding towns has experienced at least one break in; the cigarette machine or one-arm bandit forced open the more expensive spirits stolen. However, one bar owner arrived to open up one morning to find his outside terrace structure… gone!

The unlucky businessman was astonished because the structure weighed nearly two tonnes: the railings went along with and metal sheets that made up the floor weighing around 150 kilos each. We’re talking about a structure some nine metres long and two metres wide.

A theft of this dimension would require at least four energetic thieves, a small lorry and would take at the very least half an hour to dismantle and load onto the vehicle.

The incident too place in the early hours of Friday on Calle Jardines in Armilla, which is a well transited area, especially in the summer with plenty of late night strollers escaping the heat at home. So, how nobody noticed all this going on is rather strange to say the least.

The police explained that they calculated that it must have happened around four in the morning because they had received a call out over a domestic-violence incident so a patrol car was attending to that rather than doing the rounds.

The bar owner considers that this has been the straw that broke the camel’s back as he has been closed since the beginning of this health crisis and decided to sell the business, but who is going to buy the business now, with no outside terrace seating, he reasons. After all, it cost him 3,000 euros when he installed it and to replace it would be more expensive now.

Out of curiosity, he went around to a scrapyard to see if there had been any sign of it, but the head of the yard explained that given the size and the number of people involved, it has probably been installed outside another bar in the area.

Those three hours that there were no police around were crucial – had there been no call out, the thieves would probably have though better of it.

(News: Armilla, Vega, Andalucia)

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