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Trouser Theft!

The Motril law courts sentenced a woman from Salobreña for the theft of a pair of trousers containing 900 euros. Some further explanation is obviously required.

Got-Away Car

Normally, car showroom owners are only too happy when somebody drives off in one of their vehicles – if they have paid for it, that is…

Maids and Jewels

The Policía Nacional arrested two women over the theft of jewels worth 40,000 euros from a house. One of the two women, aged 31 & 24, worked as domestic help in the house where the theft took place. The police tracked down several items that had subsequently been sold at an establishment that buys gold…

Making the Rounds

Normally, a collection plate in a church is where you leave alms or donations, but this was not the case for two gentlemen from La Mamola, aged 48 and 43, who allegedly decided that it was a source of revenue.

Lack of Light

The front page this month concerns itself with the ongoing (or not) issues in relation to the completion (or not) of the A-7. However, this little article is more concerned with the local issue of not a single light on the La Herradura exit from the A-7.
The lack of lighting has been a problem now for several months, and is the result of unscrupulous thieves (is there any other kind?) who stole all the copper wiring for resale in the now very lucrative scrap metal market.

Fruit Crop Theft

Chirimoya farmers in the valley are asking for help to tackle a wave of crop thefts. They are, as can be imagined, sick and tired of working all year to produce a crop only for it to be stolen off the trees before it is even ripe.